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December 06, 2011



Thanks for this wonderful piece: I can't claim to know anything of the Ince brothers, although aspects of their story remind me of the Moore brothers, although arguably they fared somewhat better after the coming of sound, at least when they survived that long.

diarmid mogg

Thanks very much indeed - I'll go and read all about the Moore brothers now...

Ed Hurley

In the photo, from "Panther's Claw", that's Sidney Blackmer, not Herbert Rawlinson. Even tho the release date, for "Gun Cargo" is given as 1949, filming actually began, in 1930, then the money ran out, and it was completed, in 1939, but never released theatrically. The 1949 date is when it was released to television.

diarmid mogg

Hi Ed - thanks for writing, and for pointing out those stupid errors! I appreciate your help. Thanks again!

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