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October 12, 2011



i adore the Unsung Joe!

diarmid mogg

Now I feel guilty for not posting more often! But thanks, Kliph.

D Cairns

Count me in as a huge fan too! Look, I'll get you all the movies you want if you just keep writing it, 'kay?

diarmid mogg

I will almost certainly take you up on that offer - thanks!

Tom Degan

Very nice and interesting site you have here. I came upon it because I googled the daughter of Joan Davis - Beverly Wills.

The bit players deserve some respect. No doubt about it.


Tom Degan

diarmid mogg

Thanks, Tom. Glad you like it!


Very nice to see a new post here...love your new work, love your old work.

diarmid mogg

Thanks, Lance. There will be more Unsung Joes, no doubt, from time to time. There seems to be no end to sad tales of stillborn dreams and thwarted hopes in the golden age of Hollywood. What a heartbreaking place it was...

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