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June 24, 2010



This is another of your usual strange notes that makes your website the most amusing one, among hundreds. To write a complete note -plenty of nice data, and even photographs- on "famous Hollywood hands" really creates a difference.
You're right about George Campbell McBride's magic with his hands: he was an expert in giving cards. But he was oftenly seen at movies also as a croupier, or a dice dealer, in casinos and gambling houses' film scenes. He was listed under the screen name of MAJOR McBRIDE, for some unknown reason.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks, Fabian! That's excellent information - no wonder I could only find one listing for George Campbell McBride on the IMDB! I've updated the piece now, using your tip-off, and made it much better - I was able to find an old news photograph of him performing a card trick, and I tracked him down in a Michael Shayne film and also Citizen Kane. Thanks again. You're some sort of movie genius!

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