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May 27, 2010


Barry Rivadue

A haunting story. She seemed to have deep seated problems long before she left for Hollywood.

diarmid mogg

More than likely. But I don't think Hollywood helped them much...

Lance Moody

So well written...a tragic and powerful story.



diarmid mogg

It's one of the saddest ones I've come across since I started researching this stuff.


Deer Meat Cod

Crawling from the wreckage.

It is me, I have asshole.... a show.

first one in UK for long time.

Everything you need to know is here


You can download a taster of it by reading the words and clicking things.

You and your entourage are welcome, but its glasgow and your prob getting a rash already.

its more an intervention. there will be a live soundtrack, they are from Edinburgh.

I like this blog, I will return. Ever seen detour...bit part movie made for 2 dorrars.

Or nightmare alley...not bit part but abowt bit part people.

also current time....Tracey walters...bit part super star...on a very sleazy 80's video uk note, find out about Pete Reno...Pan dimensional Low budget Guy good subject for period piece.


Old Face

diarmid mogg

Hi, David - long time no hear! I'll check out baskervilleoldface.com and e-mail you.

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