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April 30, 2010




Such a strange little story, much smiliar to those you have us used to. Isn't it weird the way that life treats us when we are just not straightly prepared to face unexpected situations quite different to those that we've experienced before? It must have been hard for poor Simon to get used to a low salary after having spent millions...well, at least he had his memories!
We want more of these experiences of life of famous people!


Barry Bratt


Solomon Simon was my great grandfather. We really didn't know much about him as my father never said much about the past. Thanks for giving us a look at an amazing man. Can you suggest where we might find out more about him? My grandmother was his daughter who died while giving birth to my uncle. Thanks for any input, Barry Bratt

diarmid mogg

Hi Barry. Thanks for writing. I'm glad you found the site! I'm afraid that the only things I was able to find out about him are all in this short piece. I'm not sure where you'd be able to find out more. I'll e-mail you a pdf of the newspaper page that features the only interview with him that I came across - I hope it's useful!

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