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December 17, 2009


Barry Rivadue

Thanks for this bit of history!


Thanks for another great bio and have a great holiday!


Thanks for dropping by, both of you -- happy holidays!


Thank you so much for this information!!!

Although your article doesn't mention Curly's personal family life, I can tell you he had at least one child, a daughter named Madelyn. I'm still looking for details, but Madelyn was my husband's paternal grandmother.

This information is invaluable - and with your permission, I'd like to cite your article, and pictures on the family geneology I'm creating.

Please repost or contact me through Facebook, if it links through my username.



I'm glad you stumbled on this site! Feel free to use anything you like from the article, including whatever pictures you might find useful, on your family genealogy. - Diarmid


I am so glad to see someone wrote something substantial on Koko, Jimmy's stand in!

דלתות פנים

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William Croft

Great article. Love ravens. And... Not all gray haired gentlemen are simple and childlike. Some are whimsical and wise, open-hearted. Even Uncle Billy, who would have been fine without the trickery of Potter. People who can talk to animals, now there I could learn some things...

diarmid mogg

Good point! Thanks for writing. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. (And don't feel too bad that you're not Dr Doolittle...)

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