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November 26, 2009



The video has been removed from YouTube. Try re-posting it on one of the more open-minded sites- it's truly a classic bit of film.


A real strange note, twice unusual for me. First, because I haven't heard before about Hale being involved in porn, and second, because I've always read that Creighton was a really nice man in his private life, not that abusive person that it seems that he was, accoridng to this note. And I finally agree that this young man with lens from this stag short looks like Hale, but it's not him. I write it again: unusual, strange note!


Tucatz -- thanks for letting me know the video had been taken down. I didn't post it, so I can't post it anywhere else and link to it from there. It will show up again, somewhere, I'm sure. In the mean time, I've removed the YouTube reference from the post.

Fabian -- I hope it wasn't too strange! Remember, the stuff about him being a bad husband and father is all from only one source: his ex-wife, who was trying to paint him in the worst possible light so her new husband could get custody of their children. She might have been exaggerating (or, of course, she might not have been -- we have no way of knowing, at this late date).

Doug Rivera

For fans of the Our Gang (Little Rascals) films, Creighton Hale appeared in 3 shorts: School's Out, in which he plays Miss Crabtree's brother; Big Ears, in which he plays Wheezer's father; and in Free Wheeling, in which he plays Dickie Moore's father.


Heres an active link:

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