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October 19, 2009


Fabián Cepeda

It seems that life in Hollywood in those years was more dangerous than in fiction, at least for those old cowboys who were used to wear their guns and fists all of a sudden when any little argument -serious or not- forced them to show who was more macho among all them! In my opinion, Ward didn't know how to handle things properly...but one had to be there by 1940, in order to see if manners were useful then! Nice article as usual, plenty of accurate data and stylish narration. Go ahead!

diarmid mogg

Thanks, Fabián. Glad you liked it. To me, Blackjack's two subsequent convictions suggest that he killed Tyke not because his only other option was to let himself be killed, but because he lost his temper. He seems to have been, basically, a pretty violent man. However, like you say, I'm sure a lot of those guys were just the same...

Lance Moody

Once again an excellent story! Thanks so much for all the great work you do here.

diarmid mogg

Thanks, Lance -- I do my best!

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