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August 24, 2009





That was a really amazing story of life and affections. I didn't know their private lives before Barbara's super-stardom, but it seems that, contrary to what it is said about her temper, she never forgot what Bert did for her when they both were childs, and helped him the way she could. Maybe more than what we know. Good researching, as usual!


Thanks, guys.

Petrea Burchard

What a fascinating post, fascinating blog.

diarmid mogg

Thanks, Petrea!

Michael Reese

Very interesting link from the Perry Mason blog. It seems that would be a lot of fun, at least I thought so until a few years ago, when the Chicago Studio opened up for business near my place of employment in Chicago (bordering on Cicero, if you know where that is) and I had a chance to see what extras go through. Maybe they treated Bert a little better, I don't think Barbara was some one you wanted to mess with!!

Phillip Arnold

Bert was actually Barbara's secretary of sorts. He would handle her mail. I have a letter written by him on Barbara Stanwyck's letterhead in regards to somebody trying to get donations from Barbara.

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