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May 26, 2009


Greg Van Antwerp

This is actually "Just what I needed to Know" I have a blog in which I recount tales of small treasures I have found while hitting the tag, Garage, Estate sales, etc. I have a copy of "Easy Pickings", signed by the man himself. I was looking for sites my readers could go to for more information once I post. May I have your permission?
Thanks! Greg VA


diarmid mogg

Go ahead, Greg -- glad to be of service. (And I should say that Ive just spent an enjoyable half hour going through your excellent blog. Good work!)

Greg Van Antwerp

Thank you for the nice complement. I have completed the brief post about Mr Hill and his memoirs and linked to this page. http://videomartyr.blogspot.com/

Blog on!

Vintage Rings

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