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December 19, 2008



Love this site. Keep up the good work.

diarmid mogg

Thanks very much for saying so, I'll see what I can do.


yes, don't ever stop. seriously, i love this site. can't believe there isn't a bigger following, or you know, more than two comments.

diarmid mogg

It's really, really great of you to let me know you've dropped by! Thanks for the kind words.


I too love this site. Thank you for the humorous and touching story of Mr. Foo.


Thanks to you, too. It's brilliant to hear from people who've enjoyed the site, so I really appreciate your comment.

D Cairns

I'm glad those Motos came in handy! Great post!

diarmid mogg

They certainly did -- there's a couple more pretty intriguing Chinese bit-part guys in Think Fast, Mr Moto, too. I ended up reading an awful lot about Chinese immigration to California in the 19th century as a result of the DVDs you gave me, and it's a really interesting area. If I had time, I'd set up another blog (The Unsung Cho, perhaps) that would tell the history of California from the goldrush to the post-WW2 period through the stories of the random blokes who show up in supporting roles in Hollywood movies. Maybe that's a job that's better done by a Chinese American, though...


Thank you for this webpage. It is amazing.
I'm currently overhauling the "yellowface" entry in wikipedia and decided to include some examples of Asian Americans actors in Hollywood during the 1930's.

Your entry of Lee Tung Foo is very helpful and I will definitely link this to the page I set up.

Are the photos under copyright or are they public domain?


diarmid mogg

Thanks, Obi! The Mr Wong films are in the public domain, so theyre okay to include in Wikipedia. The other ones are still in copyright, though. Looking forward to seeing the all-new yellowface entry when youve finished with it -- keep up the good work!

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