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November 13, 2008




I found this article on JACK GORDON really amazing, since I really knew nothing about his past. I'm a bit part actors fan and researcher, and only two months ago I identified by chance GORDON in several films. I've first seen his face playing a hood in PRISON TRAIN (1938), and a few days ago playing a pirate (??) in THE FOXES OF HARROW (1947). I can send you pictures when you can see him, and I'd very much like to contact you, in order to share opinions about my hobby.
Please, answer my message to get in touch. Below is my email address, but you can also write me to peterromita@yahoo.com. I use this email more often.


Hi, Fabian. Thanks for writing.

So, Irving's in Prison Train, is he? That's great to know -- I watched the movie last year, but that was before I knew anything about him, so I must have missed him. Excellent news!

At Christmas, I was watching It's a Wonderful Life, a film I've seen dozens of times and know very well indeed, and I was amazed to see that Irving pops up in the scene in Nick's bar (in the alternative world, which is full of gangster types). I'll mail you the screen capture.


Hello...........Im his granddaughter and would love to get copies of all the things you have regarding him. Any pictures we had of him went in flames when the Malibu fires hit in the 90's......the only picture left is one I have when he was old. Something you may not know is he sent my grandmother and my father to Hollywood before he ran away....seems tho you are portraying him as a sad, loser and he was far far from that...he just wanted to have a good life and keep his family safe. Obviously we dont condone what happened, but as I said in the other website....we didnt know Gangy...we knew Grandpa. I would gladly pay for any copies of anything you have. I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi, Deborah. Thanks for writing. I'd be glad to e-mail you pdf copies of the newspaper pages that have pictures of Irving. How sad that you lost your pictures in the fires... You can e-mail me here: diarmid_mogg (at) yahoo.co.uk (just replace the "at" with a @, and it'll work).

Alan Schneider

Hey Deborah. Irving was a distant cousin of mine, though we never met. I do not know if you knew his cousin Ruby. I would love to find out more about him.
My email is Viking053@aol.com.


Hey ! Thanks for writing me back....I wasnt sure if anyone would.

Hello Alan :)....I have never met any relatives of his and my father was an only child...and since he never spoke about any of it , I never got a chance to know anyone...altho we had one Aunt tho I think she was more a friend of the family named Libby. Like you Alan, only thing I know is what was written about him and that was only from getting Murder, Inc the book ! My father will never speak about him and he still gets a bit antsy if he gets brought up beause of the real fear still now of retribution. I really would like to know tho....why my grandfather is so interesting to so many people ! lol.... especially in the UK too ! Seems strange. I was probably about 7 or so when he died, so I dont have alot to tell, but my brother and sister do...I will ask my brother to see this site and he can tell you things I cant. Thank you again and I so look forward to getting to see what you have about him!.

Thank you!

Debbie aka ThatGirl


There are some things about him in that IMBD (sp) thing, altho alot of things are missing IE: the movies he was in etc.....also of my father...Stan who sort of followed in that arena and became one of the top sound men in the business,nominated 3 times for the Emmys ( or Academy, I get confused which lol) awards and my brother as well....Anthony is a top hair and make up man. Thats about the most I can tell you lol From what I understand ,but not 100% sure was that my father's first movie was Guess Who's Coming to Dinner..altho he isnt credited. Again, thats something my brother and sister can tell you more of. From what I understand also was he was a war hero in the Korean War. You probably dont need this info about the rest of the family lol but its all I know :) My sister had all the medals and pictures and everything when she lived in Malibu and then in 94 when the Malibu fires came...it all went up in smoke so to speak...so this is why Im so very excited that you have this information and pictures!

Alan....being that you say your a distant cousin, I have a question for you...as I know nothing of any family, do you know if anyone in the family has Crohns Disease? I know its a strange question to ask , but I have had it for 16 years and they say it could be genetic, but I dont know anyone that has it. Ok sorry if I oyvertook this posting lol...Im just real happy that I can have something of my grandfather.

Thank you again! :)

Richard McDermott

Regarding Gangy Cohen's acting career:
Brooklyn District Attorney William O'Dwyer said that Gangy got his acting jobs through Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom, the former boxing champion and later an actor of note in Hollywood. Murder Incorporated associate Sholem Bernstein claimed he got acting jobs for Gangy. Incidently, Burton Turkus's book does not mention Gangy's trial in Monticello. Does anyone have any information aboutthe above issue?

Richard McDermott


My grandfathers best friend was Lorne Greene............and he sent my grandmother and my father to Hollywood before he left NY.

Daniel Christensen/Ben Del

My grandfather was Francis(Slim)Sage, a cousin of Walter's. Family legend has him also in the employ of Murder, Inc. in a similar line of work as Walter was. Walter was suprisingly a very observant Jew, went to morning minyan (prayers) prior to performing his duties of contract killing for the day. He was also learned in Talmud. Didn't know particulars of Walters death as written above. The book "Tough Jews" claims he was killed gangland style while sitting in a barbers' chair, but this sounds more plausible. The Murder,Inc. guys differed from their Mafia counterparts as theirs was not a dynastic operation, they got their kids into legit professions like medicine and law.

diarmid mogg

Interesting. I seem to remember not being sure where the Tough Jews author had got his information about the killing, because it didn't fit with what was reported at Irving's trial or in Burton Turkus's book. To be fair, I think that Mafia stories are always unreliable - people like to embroider the truth and make things more dangerous or glamorous than they were. It's very hard to get to the bottom of these things...


Hello Daniel....Walter was "employed" by Murder Inc. and my grandfather was one of his best friends...hence when this all went down he didnt kill him and it was as stated about going for a ride etc. As much as I knew about my grandfather which isnt a whole lot as I was very young when he died, but he didnt do what he was indicted back for. He did run off that night. I know he always felt responsible as Walter was his best friend and he was there when they drove him , but I know he couldnt do it and didnt....that put the icing on the cake so to speak and when he ran. I can only apologise for any part he had in Walters death and I know he would tell you that too. I know that doesnt mean much, but is all I can say about that. Just know that Walter was important to my grandfather and probably a big part of getting my grandfather out of Mureder Inc.Im sure Walter was just like my grandfather...a wonderful man who was religious and loving and just did what he thought he had to at the time. There is no excuse for any of it and I hope you take this seriously as it does mean alot to me. We cant turn back the clock unfortunately as I know my grandfather wouldnt have been involved that way as Im sute Walter wouldnt have been.

I know Im blabbling on lol, but even tho it has been a long long time...I do think about it still.

I wish there was something I could do, but we cant change the past. Please just know that I do care and have wondered about Walter and his family. They were bad bad times for both and Im sure the both of them wouldve done something to change if they could have. I got lucky and knew my grandfather before he passed away, even tho I was young. I wish you could have had the same. I wish there was more that I could say, but it happened and I cant. I just want you to know that Walter was never forgotten.


Unfortunately , it seems the original poster Fabian Cepeda passed away last year because on his cinema website it has

FABIÁN CEPEDA (1966-2011)
Co-Director y Co-Autor de HollywoodClasico
Extraordinario investigador y autor, gran amigo y maravillosa persona
Nunca será olvidado por quienes nos cruzamos en su vida

Debbie,my name is Phillip and much like Mr. Cepeda I have made it a hobby to research obscure actors/stuntmen and document their appearances with my specialty being television westerns such as Bonanza. A while back I picked up a cast sheet from the 1967 Bonanza episode called "The Deed and the Dilemma" that had several of the stuntmen listed including some of the regular like Bill Clark, Martha Manor, and Jack Gordon. It was the first time I had ever heard of this name then I stumbled across this interesting story.

But to my point, the stuntmen in Bonanza typically appeared in the background as townsman/barfly's or whereever needed and given your grandfather's history of appearing in the background,I am sure he was one of those people as he was on set. The trouble is that I can't identify him based on the 1940s pictures posted here because Bonanza started in 1959 and it is really hard to identify people from 20 year from pictures 20 years before. Do you think you could send me a scan of that photo when he was older so that I have a better ideal what he looks like around the 1960s time period? I ask because I would like to document some of his appearances on IMDb as I have done with many other actors. My e-mail is philarnoldjhs@yahoo.com

Thank You



I don't need the picture, I just found him in a Bonanza episode called "Ballad of the Ponderosa." He was very identifiable.

diarmid mogg

Well done, Phil! If you get a chance, could you upload a screenshot to a website, or e-mail me a copy? I'd love to put it on my page of pictures of Irving. Thanks!

Diarmid (the guy who writes this website)

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