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August 15, 2008


Pat Kowalick

Hi, the late Dick Winslow was my wife's father. I knew Dick quite well from first meeting him in 1987 until his passing on February 7th 1991. I stood for many days by his bed in the hospital talking to him, hoping he heard and understood, as he lay in a diabetic coma. Dick was a great actor, funny man, and most talented musician, songwriter (among his many songs was the fight song for The California Angels baseball team now in the baseball Hall of Fame) and joke writer. With all due respect there are a few mistakes in this story and most of all is the truth Dick loved nothing more then being in the limelight and spotlight and in later years had a hard time with not having reached the same level of stardom as his two close life long buddies he started in acting with, Mickey Rooney and Jackie Coogan. In the picture from the USO tour in Korea, Dick is actually the one at far right in the silly hat clowning next to Rooney. If there was one thing Dick was not it was a shrinking violet and to Dick all the world was one big stage.
Pat Kowalick

Pat Kowalick

P.S: For the record, a proper caption for the picture from the USO tour in Korea would be... right to left are : Dick Winslow, Mickey Rooney, Deenah Prince, Alice Tyrrell, and Red Barry. October 12, 1952. Singer Alice Tyrrell was Dick's second marriage and wife at that time.

diarmid mogg

Hi Pat,

Thanks for taking the time to put me straight; I really appreciate it. Its interesting to learn that Pat was dissatisfied with his career, because that wasnt the impression I got from his press coverage -- just shows how misleading the press can be!

Ive amended the piece in line with your suggestions. Please let me know if theres anything else Ive got wrong...


AC Levin

If I am not mistaken, Dick had a One-Man-Band he performed with at Busch Gardens, Reseda, California sometime in the 1970's while I was working these.

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