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December 21, 2007


Rob Kantner

I really enjoy this blog. It's become one of my must-reads. Keep up the good work!


Thanks very much, Rob - It's good to hear that; I really appreciate it!

dancin e. hansen

i met dr, muse , he said boy cant you talk, i studdered so bad, he was so honest, great man ,great black man.


That must have been quite something. You're very lucky, even if you didn't manage to get a word out...


what a great blog.
i've spent a couple hours on it already and will be coming back for more.


Thanks very much -- glad you're enjoying it!

keith stone

just happened upon this wonderful, well written blog post.
i grew up in perris, ca where dr clarence muse spent the final years of his very long, illustrious life.
he was a community celebrity, a fixture in town, and would periodically show up at local school functions (always accompanied by his regal and exotic-looking wife) and talk to the kids about his life and how they should try to live theirs.
he would always end his talks with his signature song, "old man river," which he belted out with much fervor.
my last personal interaction with mr muse occured in 1977 a couple years before his death.
it was during the summer before i was to go off to college, to harvard, which was a big deal for a black kid coming from such a small town.
i was exiting the public library one afternoon and he and his wife happened to be sitting in their car across the street in the shade; he beckoned me over for a chat.
basically he wanted to give me some advice, "from one black warrior to another," as he put it, and the chosen, private words he offered me i shall never forget.

Shirley Buchanan

Clarence Muse is believed to be the cousin of my Grandfather Leonard Roscoe Muse Sr. It is a delight to learn all these facts and we would like to hear more. Especially about his family ties or how we can access this information.

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