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October 08, 2007



I love your website and have a publishing proposal for you. Please contact me--thanks!


Thanks! I will.


very nice column


Thanks, McL.

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where did you get all your great info on Faith??? I directed a documentary on Faith and could find very little first hand info on her besides whats in archives. I'd love to write something about her and would love sources. She was a huge parat of burlesque.
Behind the Burly Q premiers in Chicago this week

diarmid mogg

Everything I know about Faith came from old newspapers that I looked up on newspaperarchive.com, a pay site that has thousands of old papers scanned in. There were so many articles about her that I had to leave a lot of stuff out because it wouldn't fit in the sort of piece I was writing about her. For instance, she was really into genealogy, and had traced her lineage back to Francis Bacon, the English renaissance philosopher; Peregrine White, the first child born on the Mayflower; Grover Cleveland; and various high-class California and Missouri families. Or so she claimed. Also, in 1945, she told the press that she had been awarded ownership of a set of nine-ton marble statues that had been donated to the University of California by a 19th century relative of hers. (I find that story a little hard to believe, but there were some nice pictures of the statues in the article.)

I just checked out your burlesque film. It looks great! I'd love to see it, and I'll keep an eye out for it appearing in one of the superior cinemas in town.

Behind Burly Q

We'll hae TV news sooner, but the DVD will be released April 12th. And we were just voted for a Satelitte Nomination!


Nice post. I feel bad that she left that way. She is a great actress. She just needed that break.

kevin graul

I found an old wooden poster stamp in my dads garage recently of faith bacon in which the ostrich feathers are being held at her butt and the poster reads on stage in person faith bacon and at the bottom it reads the most imitated dancer in the world. can you tell me anything about this poster, or actually it is the wooden stamp they would have used to make the posters, I have been searching for the actual poster itself but have not been able to find anything close to it.

diarmid mogg

I'm sorry, but I haven't come across any mention of anything like that in connection with Faith Bacon. I'd love to see it, though. I haven't seen that poster, for sure. Sounds like it could be quite valuable. You should take it to a print workshop and see if they can use it to print from. Let me know if you do...


What a terrific article. Faith was from PA and was in Chicago when she died. Do you know where she was burried?

Thank you

diarmid mogg

Thanks Betty. The newspapers didn't record where she was buried, but I found this on a genealogy site:
"In an ancestry database I found the following cemetery listing: Wunders Cemetery, Chicago, IL. Dickinson, Faith Bacon. b: 1910 d: 1956"

Those are her birth and death years, so I guess that's the right cemetery.

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