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July 24, 2007


Kim Cooper

Fascinating! Only.... they're not in a drug store in these stills, they're in a market. The only drugstore that appears in the film is the exterior shot when Neff drops Lola off to meet Nino. Better check to see if Eddie's looking out the window!


You're quite right - how annoying! I assumed that "drug store" was a generic name for this sort of convenience store, but, now you mention it, I must be wrong. I've checked the Nino Zachetti scene, and, sadly, you can't see anyone in the drugstore. I assume, therefore, that Parry must mean the market, and I've rewritten the passage to make it more correct.

There's only one more thing I can do, which is to contact Parry Hall. Luckily, I found his address on Google, so I'll drop him a letter and ask him about it...

Parry Hall


i am stunned to see this website. I remeber this gentleman writing to me and time just wouldn''t let me return the favor. Now i can. I have gotten the time. Whoever runs this site...please e-mail me: parry@greencafe.co

Thank you.
Parry Hall


Hi Parry - I've e-mailed you. Go check your mail!

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