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May 18, 2007



She was born in 1947, so, as I write this, she's either just turned 70 or is just about to...

Check your math.

(Brill blog, btw)


Thanks for pointing out that idiotic mistake. I should have said that she was born in 1937, not 1947. I've changed the entry now, so no one but you and I and anyone who reads these comments will know I was so stupid...

Dave Wright

Found a Colleen Alpaugh, born 1937, who married a gentleman by the name of Augustine Deleon (there's a circus name!) in Riverside CA in 1968. There's a Colleen Deleon currently living in Sacramento, hopefully in happy retirement, entertaining grandchildren with tales of the big top... (if I have the right person, of course!)

Great stuff, as always!


Excellent investigation results! The marriage lead looks good to me, as those dates would be a pretty good match. Good work!

Dave Wright

Hey, you're the professional investigator...I'm just the down on his luck shamus handling the little cases. Keep up the great work!!

Elaine Little

I am the niece of Colleen Alpaugh, Elaine Alpaugh Little. You're correct. She gave up her career of professional modeling and acting, when she married Augustine Poncedeleon and she had 4 children. In her day, it was expected that when a woman married, she forsake having a career to raise her children and creating a loving home for her family. I know she made the right decision for her. She still loves all animals and especially horses. My Uncle Augustine's name corrected is "Poncedeleon" not "Deleon" and he was not employed in the circus. Actually, he was a fine home builder and built a home for Liberace and other celebrities in Hollywood, long before he retired. Colleen Alpaugh Poncedeleon lives in Riverside and was born in 1947. She was a very beautiful woman and had natural platinum blonde hair and is a very loving and kind aunt, mother and grandmother. No, she is not afraid of elephants to this day, but like me she is afraid of spiders and mice.

I've been told that I look very much like her and it's true, and I remember her being in the circus and riding me on her elephant and on her horses. She has a love for animals and protecting their habitats and I believe her fondness for all of God's creatures influenced my love for animals, too. She has been happily married for decades.

diarmid mogg

Hi Elaine - thanks for taking the time to write! It's great to hear from a relative of one of the people I've researched, and it's good to know that Colleen's doing well.


her grandaughter is belle codner look her up on facebook


Colleen is my mother, I talk to her every day. She is doing great, still married, always optimistic and full of laughter all of the time:) Lives in Ventura, CA. She really misses her elephants!

diarmid mogg

Thanks for writing, Gina! Very glad to hear that Colleen's doing well!


Thought you might find this of interest: The Turner Classic Movies website lists Colleen as appearing in not 2 films but 3 - the 2 you mention plus "Ring of Fear" (1954). IMDB does not mention this under Colleen's bio but "Ring of Fear" does take place in the Beatty circus.

diarmid mogg

That's very interesting news, Steve. I'll see if I can track down a copy. Thanks for the tip.

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