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March 22, 2007



I demand a subscription to the Lochester Chronicle! Do you think you could do a similar analysis of Tommy Sheridan's career through the pages of the Glasgow Evening Times (and the News of the World)? I notice that today's Evening News headline is "Something's Bugging Tommy"...


Of course that should have said "Lochester Sentinel"! I got so ourtraged by the biased coverage of the Livest Newspaper in the State I immediately set up a rival rag!


Should one differentiate between an escaped prisoner and "prisoners who did not escape" and instead took up the chase and did not return "late tonight"?

"Luncheon Parties at Southampton"


I've been staring for hours at the two images of the Bloomfield Hills mastodon, trying to spot the crucial dioramatical difference that distinguishes its demise.

I went to Modern Michigan, but I don't remember it looking like that.

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