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January 29, 2007



Interesting. Apparently Huston was a bit of a sadist and a possible rapist so perhaps her anus was sore. Have you heard of George Hodel? He was a close friend of Huston's since childhood. Hodel's son, Steve - a retired LAPD Detective, wrote the book 'Black Dahlia Avenger' that alleges his father murdered and mutilated Elizabeth Short. On page 204 Steve's half sister Tamar Hodel is quoted as saying that John Huston tried to rape her when she was 11 (around the time when George first started to molest her). The Hodel house was was notorious for all-night Hollywood cocaine-sex parties that Houston apparently attended throughout the late 1940's.

Lawrence Grobel's book, The Hustons has the following quote: "When Milius asked him (Huston) what was the best part of being a director John answered him in one word, 'Sadism'.... When Milius asked John about women, John's advice was, "Be anything they want. Mold to their caress. Tell them anything. Just fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all!" (page 611).

diarmid mogg

Hi. Interesting stuff -- Id heard of Hustons somewhat unpleasant side, but not in such detail... Its interesting that you mention Steve Hodel, as I came across him while researching a bit-part actor called Charles Wagenheim, who was murdered in 1979. Hodel investigated the case, as I think he mentions in that Black Dahlia book (I read an extract online). In the end, I decided that Wagenheim was just a little too famous for this blog (more of a character actor than an unsung extra), so I never wrote about him. Interesting to see Hodel crop up in connection with another bit-part actor. Also, Liz Short was an aspiring actress before she was killed, wasnt she? I wonder how many other crimes involving the lowest end of Hollywood this guy was involved in -- it could make a good story!


From what I've read of the Hodel book Ms. Short was an aspiring actress who had not yet landed a part before she was murdered. Some allege she was a prostitute which (based on Hodel's book at least) seems unlikely.

RE: You wonder how many Hollywood crimes George Hodel was involved in. Well, for what it's worth, according to the evidence and arguments outlined in both of his son's books George Hodel was not only the Black Dahlia Avenger, but also the Zodiac Killer, Chicago's Lipstick Murderer and the perpetrator of several other miscellaneous murders around LA. Intriguing to say the least.

On a semi-related note, have you heard or seen the documentary, Girl 27? Seems like it may appeal to your interests. The documentary investigates a 7 decade old rape case involving Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio execs and an underage dancer, Patricia Douglas who was hired with 120 other young girls to entertain MGM salesmen at a stag party in 1937.

diarmid mogg

Yes, Ive seen Girl 27 -- a wonderful story, with a slightly less than wonderful treatment. I found the director-guy a little annoying, but the stuff he managed to find out was really interesting, and he seemed to bring some sort of happiness to Patricia. Theres a lot of impressive work in the film -- excellent detective work!

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