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March 23, 2007


Duke Ellington

Having been away from your site in a long time I was dismayed to see your recent dream involved a mutant moth/mouse hybrid. I hate moths, nevr liked them and in fact many a performance was ruined by myself fleeing from moths in the various dingy and dark venues I played in.

Also this Unsung Joe business, is this another Blog you are doing?

I enjoyed looking at your Flickr account and was amazed to see how old you are looking, long gone are those youthful looks and hippy hair you once sported.

My best wishes to you!


Duke Ellington

Ah, having read more of your Blog I see that all the facts about Unsung Joe are in fact laid out for me to understand. I've often had this problem of not reading things thoroughly and its a tiresome failure of mine. I once failed to read the full itinerary for a gala performance I was involved in and had to ad-lib nursery ryhmes to the paying public for half an hour, I felt like a fool but invigorated all the same.

My fondest wishes to you my dear boy,



Duke! Long time, no comment! Glad you dropped by after your long absence -- your mother and I were worried. Would it have killed you to send a postcard? A short note? A postal order for a four-figure sum?

Sorry about the moth thing. I promise not to post any further moth-related dreams, in recognition of my audience's sensitivities...

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